Do you have trouble finding the best cable for your device?

We have an extensive catalogue of the best cables and adaptors for your devices.  The selection process involves intensive research of customer reviews and the number of buyers.  Reading negative reviews and evaluating them to get a full picture.

The website has links connected to amazon affiliate program so when you click on a link we earn a small referral fee.  This does not impact on the cables and adapters we recommend because we do in-depth research and document only the safest and best products found.

We aim to be a useful resource to help reduce the time and effort you have to go through while searching for adapters and charging cables for your mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

In-depth research

When searching for charger cables for Bluetooth speakers and other electronic devices.  I struggled to find the best charger and adapter for my device.  It took time to read forums and search on google and amazon to choose the most appropriate and safest charger.

Safe is a big consideration because you hear horror stories of smoking chargers or electronic items that blow up.  I always check for negative comments until I'm comfortable to include a charger or adapter on this website.

Some of the criteria I do and look for when recommending items.

  • Reviews above 100 and ideally 1000.
  • Positive far outweigh the negative comments
  • Reading comments to check if they look fake or real
  • Contacting the company or seller directly
  • Testing the items out myself