iPhone X USB-C Fast charging cable by UNBREAKable

iphone x usb-c cable
  • 5stars


    Nylon cable with strong ends that are built to deal with bending and stretching

  • 4stars


    2m | 200cm in length.  adequate for most charging points.

  • 3stars


    Has been certified by apple and supports ultra fast charging

  • 4stars

    Value for money?

    It's a robust charger and you get for what you pay for.  I prefer to buy quality for a little more money. This cable is about £9.99 and in my opinion is well worth it.

This iPhone X connector cable might not be UNbreakable however it is very sturdy and well last a good length of time.

S8 pro edge charger Specs

Reports suggest this works just as well as the standard charger cable.

They also did a test of 10,000 plug in trys to check for faults or weaknesses.  No concerns reported.


I want to provide issues however this cable is good and if you look at the rating and reports I think you agree!  See on Amazon here