Bose Soundlink Charger Replacement cable

Is your Bose Soundlink not charging?

soundlink 1,2,3 power lead
  • 4stars


    68 ratings on amazon at time of review.  Average score of 4.5 out of 5.

    1 or 2 reports of issues and they were replaced with no issues.

  • 5stars


    10ft is an excellent length for a bose soundlink wall charger

  • 3stars


    Charger for Bose soundlink 3, soundlink 2 and soundlink 1.  (Not for the bose mini series)

  • 4stars

    Value for money?

    Clearly not as good as the original soundlink adapter.  Much cheaper and is fit for purpose.

Soundlink bluetooth charger replacement

If you live in the UK and looking for a replacement soundlink cable then this is the best option I could find from my research.  I don't believe Bose sell an original replacement power cable.  The length is excellent at 10m and will be adequate for most home settings.

Bose 1,2,3 charger Specs

17-20v charger for the bose soundlink speakers.

I can confirm the power supply will work on

  • Soundlink 1
  • Soundlink 11
  • Soundlink 111

(Again this is not working for the Soundlink mini speakers)


A couple of customers had to return the charger and they were issued a replacement which then worked.  You can check the customer reviews yourself here.