Bose Soundlink Mini Charger Adapter

Replacement Power charger for the Soundlink Mini v1 Bluetooth speakers

soundlink mini speaker charger
  • 5stars


    Good quality and no reports of wear and tear after prolonged use.

  • 4stars


    5ft is good range in length to reach most home power supplies.

  • 2stars


    Specialist charger only made to use with the Mini Version 1

  • 4stars

    Value for money?

    Comparing with original charger costs then this is a good value charging cable.  Fit for purpose.

Soundlink Mini 1 charger

I'm not going to lie, finding a good soundlink mini V1 charging cable to recommend wasn't easy.  To begin with I found a charger that looked good on the review page until I delved deeper and found negative reviews that led to me questioning the positive review authenticity.  Then I found the soundlink charging cradle costing £49! Yes a 'used' charger that is a third of the speaker cost!

The Beris soundlink mini charger has many positive reviews and is available for Prime buyers so this one is chosen for the Bose Mini charging cable to recommend.

Bose Mini 1 charger Specs

High-Rate Charging: Built-in safety protection and double-core copper wire to maximize signal quality and strength. Support safe and high-speed charging (12V/ 1a).


The Mini version 1 uses a different charger to the newer models so this is an issue with buyers not realising and buying the wrong model charger.  Again this charger is for the Mini 1 by Bose soundlink speakers.

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