Samsung S8 Wireless charger

samsung s8 wireless fast charger
  • 5stars


    Excellent reviews and no charging wires means no wear and tare on them. 

  • 4stars


    Maybe a negative.  Your phone must be with the charger to work.  Might be difficult to use your phone while charging.

  • 3stars


    Whats on most fast charger models of mobile phones.  Still best to double check before buying.  I hear some Iphone models will not fast charge on this wireless charger.

  • 4stars

    Value for money?

    Considering this charger will charge probably more then one of your devices. I think it's a good priced piece of kit.

The S8 wireless charger is quick and easy to use.  Recommended by thousands of people - Read here

S8 wireless charger Specs

Rear-facing and quiet cooling fan

S8 wireless fast charging

18-month manufacturer warranty


Although this Samsung S8 charger cable will work on a wide range of phones and the Fast charge will work perfectly with the S8 range of mobiles.  The fast charging feature may not operate on them all.  You can review more information here.

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